Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beatific Bohol

1 TWD = 1.54 pesos                1275 pesos = 828 NT
100 pesos= 65 NT                 3,500 pesos = 2,271NT     
500 pesos = 324 NT               5,750 pesos = 3,734 NT
1000 pesos= 650 NT              10,000 pesos = 6,326 NT
There is international ATM in Jagna ,35km from Anda, in Ubay (50 km) or Tagbilaran (90 km).
Cebu City to Panglao
 After getting out of the Cebu Airport, there will be a line up of taxis.  The ride costs PHP200 for the trip to Pier 4. You will then have to take a ferry. All ferries take 90 minutes to get to Tagbilaran City. Schedules and fees can be found on the ferry's website (links in the "Getting There" section).
·         Fast ferries from Cebu to Tagbilaran. Travel on Ocean Jet (800 pesos), Super Cat (400 pesos), Weesam Express (400 pesos) boats takes 2-3 hours. The first ferry from Cebu go at 6 am, the last at 6 pm. From Tagbilaran – at 7 am and 6.30 pm respectively.
Ferry Ocean Jet (17USD x2 ) 2hrs ten minutes to Tagbilaran (every 3 hours)
Once in Tagbilaran City, you may opt to either take a taxi or a tricycle (a small motorcycle cab) to your hotel. Taxis are few in Bohol so your best choice is to flag down a tricycle. Tricycles have no meters unlike taxis so you have to inform the driver of your destination and agree on a fixed rate. As a rule of thumb, you should pay no more than 7 pesos per kilometer for every trip, regardless of the number of passengers. For routes outside the city you may choose to ride the jeepneys and multicabs.
Panglao Island  Guests going to Panglao Island, particularly Alona Beach, can have their hotel pick them up in Tagbilaran City airport or pier for an additional fee. Alternatively, they should be able to get a taxi at a reasonable cost as well (PHP400 to PHP600).BUS: Tagbilrana to Danao, Panglao (36 min) bus leaves Dao Bus Terminal P75 (5, 6, 8am, 12, 1, 2 3, 4:30, 6:30 last).

Jan 20-25 Danao (5 nights) Bohol South Beach Hotel
(Phone: +639989731729) TWD 12,383 PHP 19,100 

DANAU Activities
Danau Adventure Park Activities in the park include ziplining, ATV, and rock climbing. Go caving, too, in Ka-Mira Cave and Baliho Cave. For water adventures, the park also offers river kayaking and river trekking.
Alona Beach (cheap food, crowded),
Scuba diving with Equation Diving (Carol Le Roux) (pdf) 2 dives= 3,500p, Discover 2 dives (Z) 5,750p, snorkeling 1,000 p
Balicasag Island with divers. It’s cheaper and better than renting a private boat (300-500 pesos per person).
Yoga: Qi Retreats, Yoga Barn (FB) 1 class 500p, 3 classes 1,275p
Eat: Nikita’s Coffee Shop, Sunset Grill Mexican, Luna Rossa, Gavroche Bakery, Andrea’s Mango Resto Hauz, Trudi’s place
Massage : Duchess (350p)
Hinagdanan Cave, Dauis (cheesy, 50p entrance), Ka Mira Cave, Dumaluan Beach Peaceful private beach. Entrance at Dumaluan beach resort. U can rent a bike to get here 550php for 24hrs to get here. Entrance fee is 75php. Walk further and you'll see South Palm Resort. Less busy than Alona Beach
SUP (Buzz Dive Shop) snorkel 450p

Jan (Wed) 25- 29 Baclayon (4 nights) Marquis Sunrise Sunset Residential Cottages   Barangay Cambanac, Bohol, 6301 Baclayon, Philippines (Phone: +639173242116) TWD 3,112 PHP 4,800 - Cambanac, Baclayon - Set upon a hill in the rural barangay of Cambanac, this resort features 4 four rustic style cottages fitted with natural wood furnishings. Each cottage has its own TV, while free Wifi and an infinity pool are provided for guests' leisure. Cottage rates per night range from Php2,400 to Php3,500.

Baclayon — Port with tours to Pamilacan Island and the town where the old Baclayon Church (established in 1727) is located. Elegant heritage houses line the main road. Church of the Immaculate Conception at Baclayon is terrific with its ecclesiastical museum.  Church opening hours 8am-12pm; 1pm-5pm (free). Museum opening hours 8.30am-12pm; 1.30pm-5pm (Php25).
++ visiting the tourist center, taking the Dune Buggy tour and eating at the sidewalk BBQ's.
Buggy Tour- run through Peacock Garden Resort, an exhilarating buggy ride through the rural barangays (villages) of Baclayon is available. Tour price for two people in one buggy for 1.5-2hrs is Php1500 with all safety equipment is provided.

Bohol Python and Wildlife Park (not reccommended by other travelers because of the small enclosures, so we didn't go)
Historic Marketplace
Another Spanish-era building in the town ís the spacious public market with giant stone columns supporting the roof.
Ancestral Houses- Heritage Walks
Whale/Dolphin Tours-Tours start in Baclayon around 5am; the best time for sightings and appreciating their antics. Tours typically run until around 2pm including a rest stop at a nearby beach for snorkeling. Tour prices depend upon boat size and start from around Php1,500.
Day Trip to Dimiao — Village on southern side of Bohol with sunrise and sunset views, tide pool, waterfall hike, romantic outlooks from karst rocks, river trekking, snorkeling.
Pahangog Falls/The Twin Falls: 30 minutes walk from the closest village. The walk is not difficult and partly in shadow areas. As this is in the middle of a forest you can't buy anything there. Bring your own food and snack, but please don't litter the place. A hidden secret of beautiful nature. One of the other Falls is used to supply the rise fields with water. This one is easy to reach and has a beautiful blue lagoon for a refreshing swim. If you go on walking in the river (you will get wet up to your knees) and thats real fun jumping from one stone to the next one, you reach another beautiful fall next to a cave. Tis place is totally untaught and free of garbage. If you need a guide stop at the entrance of Dimiao at Masters Home resort we will organize it for you.

Pamilican Island- Pump-boat rides from Baclayon to Pamilacan Island can cost upward from Php1500 per boat and it is normally advisable to organize this a day in advance if possible through the Municipal Tourism Information Center (see Contacts). However, Wednesdays are Market Days in Baclayon, and as such, more pump-boats operate to cater for the islanders visiting the market. Boat rides on Wednesday therefore can be as little as one tenth of the normal price.

There is an ATM of Metrobank in the entry area of the Town Hall (Anda), which also accepts international Credit Cards (VISA or MC) to give cash up to P 10.000 at a time, for a fee of only P 15!
Anda — A small seaside town on the east coast with a long white sand beach that has nothing to envy Alona. Amazingly friendly and refreshingly relaxed; here you are treated as a person and not just as a client like in Panglao. A few decent resorts dot the beach.
§  Anda water caves there is many underground rivers with transparent water coming from the montains to the sea.
§  Anda blue heaven go to this viewpoint is a good opportunity to trek on the mountain, visit villages, Allow 2 hours walk.
§  Anda Falls (lat=9.7624 | long=124.5671 take the concrete road north that starts one block east of the church until it ends at the cemetery. Turn right on the track and then swing left to follow the eastern cemetery wall. Continue uphill following the track under the power line and follow the sounds of tumbling water. [April 2016: the path seems kind of 'closed', and there's a bunch of 'No Trespassing' signs at the base of the path. You can still walk up but you'll need to take another route if you have a motorbike]) If you're tired of salt water stinging your eyes, there is a large and deep concrete cistern to swim in at the base of the falls.
§  Monument to US liberators (lat=9.7430 | long=124.5764). In the second world war, Japanese efforts to sell a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" to poor Filipinos proved markedly less successful than Hollywood's peddling of the American Dream, and the wholesale arrests, punitive expeditions, and summary executions that were then substituted in an effort to retain control, only increased the determination of Filipino patriots to resist.
The successful guerrilla movements in the extreme east of Bohol meant that there were no Japanese units left to oppose US forces when they landed on Anda beach on 11 April 1944.
§  Lamanoc point in barangay Badiang, is the eastern-most cape of Bohol island and has limestone rocks, caves, and its own tiny and secluded white-sand beaches. There's a very long bamboo pier, that leads through a large mangrove forest to a waiting shed on stilts to wait for a small banca while maybe feeding the local monkeys. Medicine men (baylan or tambalan) officiated at the internment of wooden lungon or boat coffins (so called because they have been from a dug-out log, similar to the way boats were made) and old earthenware jars. You can still see finger paintings using haematite (red iron oxide) pigments in some of the caves.
§  Caumantad waterfall around 20 km from Anda, Caumantad is the highest waterfall of Bohol (20 m), that’s no all, there are some natural swimming pools.
§  Chocolate hills, Carmen 1 hour from Anda by motorbike, Amazing view of the famous chocolate hills.

§  R&S Restaurant (lat=9.74254 | long=124.57493 +63 939 303 9228) This is a surprisingly nice restaurant for such a small and isolated town, reflecting the increasing number of Estonian, Finnish and Scandinavian visitors. It has both satellite TV and air-conditioning. Meals are 180 and up.
§  Coco Loco Café (lat=9.74254 | long=124.57493 +63 908 508 5847) Wide range of meat and vegetarian dishes including ribs, buffalo, 100% beefburgers. Funky decor and large music selection catering to tourists and travelers. Also craft beer from Cebu availalble! Meals from 99- 379.
§  Food center behind the Anda market (lat=9.7421 | long=124.5735) has 8 stalls offering cheap Filipino food, pizza & pasta in a long, open-air, covered area. Dawn to dusk.
Anda to Tagbilaran City (130 by head, if you have big bags they will charge 1 seat more)
Loboc — Rivertown with historic church and idyllic falls. Home of the famous Loboc Children's Choir. Also famous for its River Cruise including serenade and buffet lunch. Ticket price: 450 PHP, Time to visit: 1.5-2 hours, Opening hours: 10 am – 3 pm
Zipling Ticket price: 350 PHP, Time to visit: 30-50 minutes
++Carmen — Launching point for tours of the Chocolate Hills. On October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed the original viewing deck of the chocolate hills. A new viewing deck was installed at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park for those who still want to see Bohol’s iconic landmark. At Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, tourists can enjoy outdoor recreational activities after their sightseeing. Activities in the park include ziplining, canopy walk monkey bridge, and a 275 meter bike zip where you can cross from one chocolate hill to another. - See more at:
Corella — The best place in the Philippines to spot a tarsier in the wild.
Bilar — Gateway to Bilar & Rajah Sikatuna National Park.
Dauis — Historic Church with lovely seaside setting, pilgrimage site, and venue for heritage-themed dinners, exhibits, tours, cafe, craft shop featuring local jewelry


800p/day x15= 12,000
516 p/day x15 7740
Ferry and bus to Panglao
1600+ 200p

The Wings Airport lounge

Diving (pdf)
3,734 NT



Dune Buggy

Whale/Dolphin Tours
1500p (x2?) 3000p

Scooter 1 day


Anda to Tagbilaran City
260 p


Extras total: 25,260 p (NT 16,000)

Food: 120,000 p (NT 7600 )

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